Protect Your Smile

Do you grind your teeth while you sleep or participate in high-contact sports? If so, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Amann recommend using a mouth guard to protect your smile from damage.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are dental devices you can wear to protect your teeth from damage during physical activity or sleep. They are typically made of soft, pliable materials that your dentist custom-fits to your mouth to ensure a comfortable, snug fit and optimal protection.

Mouth guards address two main health issues:

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding — also known as bruxism — is a condition that causes involuntarily clenching or grinding of the teeth, often while sleeping. This can cause significant damage to the teeth, headaches, and jaw pain. Night guards can protect your teeth from damage caused by bruxism.

Sports-Related Injuries

Mouth guards are a sports staple protecting teeth from impact injuries. This includes contact sports such as football, hockey, and boxing, as well as non-contact sports like basketball and gymnastics. Athletes can significantly reduce their risk of dental injuries by wearing a mouth guard.

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Sports Guards & Night Guards

There are two categories of mouth guards: sports guards and night guards. The uses are straightforward, but each type has unique features to meet your needs.

Sports Guards

Sports guards protect the teeth during physical activity. They are typically made of a thicker, more durable material than night guards to withstand impact. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Amann can customize the fit to your mouth, and you can wear them with or without braces.

Night Guards

Night Guards are great to wear while sleeping to protect the teeth from damage caused by bruxism. They are made of a softer material than sports guards and are comfortable for extended wear.

Types of Mouth Guards

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock guards are pre-formed and come in standard sizes. They are generally inexpensive but provide the least protection and may not fit properly, so they tend to be uncomfortable to wear.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

Dr. Thompson and Dr. Amann design custom mouth guards to give you the best fit and better protection.

Your mouth guard will fit snugly over your smile and protect your teeth from anything that comes your way. Customized mouth guards are more expensive but offer the highest level of safety.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are made from a thermoplastic material that softens in hot water. You insert the softened mouth guard and bite down to shape it around your teeth.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards fit better than stock mouth guards and are available at sporting goods stores.

The Benefits of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards offer several benefits, including:

Protection from Dental Injuries

Mouth guards can significantly reduce the risk of dental injuries, including broken or knocked-out teeth.

Prevention of Tooth Wear

Mouth guards can help prevent tooth wear caused by bruxism, which leads to tooth sensitivity and pain.

Improved Sleep Quality

You'll sleep better by wearing a night guard, thanks to reduced teeth grinding and associated discomfort.

Improved Athletic Performance

Wearing a sports guard will help you feel confident and secure in the safety of your smile.

Keep Your Smile in Shape

If you grind your teeth or participate in contact sports, a mouth guard is the best way to protect your smile. Dr. Thompson or Dr. Amann can evaluate your needs and recommend the best mouth guard for your situation.

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